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Free Translation Service

SINHALA or SINHALESE is the national language of Sri Lanka. It has a remarkable existence in the UAE, Canada, Maldives, Singapore, Thailand and other countries. More than 20 million people speak Sinhala worldwide.

The foundation of the Sinhalese nation is conventionally assigned to the 6th century BC. The language of Sinhalese, is derived from Sanskrit and Pali, the language of the Buddhist scriptures. Unlike in English, there is kind of difference between the literary and the colloquial language. Cave and rock inscriptions (3rd century BC - 12th century AC), the Sigiri graffiti (8th-10th centuries) and the earliest extant Sinhala literature (9th century onwards) furnish us with the development of modern Sinhalese language..

Do you wish to have direct reach to Sinhalese speaking world? I work with Word 2000, PowerPoint and PDF. I provide you text in such electronic format that you can use into your desired applications. Discuss your format requirements and translation needs from & into Sinhala with me. It is completely free of charge.

Please let me know if you require a sample file in word and/or pdf format so to verify compatibility on your system. It is at no cost, no obligation. Just provide your contact details and you will have the sample set.

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