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Welcome to Sinhalese Informational Website.

This is your entryway to 20 million of worldwide speaker's language called 'Sinhalese'. Sinhalese or Sinhala is the national language of Sri Lanka. It has a significant presence in the UAE, Canada, Maldives, Singapore, Thailand and many other countries. This Sinhalese Informational website is dedicated to people who are interested in learning and investigating on Sinhala language resources.

On this site you will find essentials on the modern language , Its native speakers ,Its linkage with other languages and the origins of Sinhalese which happened more than 2500 years ago . It is with great pleasure that I state that the site offers you the guide to take your fist step in learning Sinhalese along with a free translation service.

The site was desined and maintained by Sampath Suranga Weerawarna , a native speaker of Sinhalese language.